A new romance

Wisdom, harmony and passion are combined in Rosum to extract the vine’s soul and achieve four balanced and elegant wines with a strong personality.

Reflect of the oenological expertise is shown in four passionate moments which Toro DO flows.

Four wines that determine the test of time, perfect blend between Tinta de Toro variety and the charm of wood.


Bright and enigmatic, eternal and passionate.

Bright and enigmatic, eternal and passionate. Rosum is a tribute to a beautiful warrior, the rose.

For over 150 years ago European wine-growers found the perfect blending between roses and wine by discovering this flower early warned the presence of invading diseases, which later will severely devastate their vines.

This is just a tribute

Rosum is a tribute to a beautiful warrior.

And thus such beautiful warriors were placed next to the grapevines, so that with their warning signs both plants could be treated before it was too late. 

Two unique icons tied forever: the rose and the vine, the vine and the rose.

Youth and innocence

Rosum joven

  • 85% Tinta de Toro variety
  • 15% Garnacha variety
Blue-violet colour core and delicious fruity content, we find notes of blackberry, strawberry and raspberry.
Soft and velvety in the mouth, leaving a pleasant memory which asks for another glass. 
Positive development in 3 years.

Intensity and passion

Rosum Roble

  • Tinta de Toro variety
  • 6 months of aging
Cultivated in more than 15-year-old Tinta de Toro vineyards, its strength arises after a 6 month period of aging in American and European barrels.
Enjoy their violet and garnet hues, crowned by deep scents of blackberries and lightly toasted.
Wide, intense and lasting in aftertaste.
Good development in the next 6 years.

Time and solemnity

Rosum crianza

  • Tinta de Toro variety
  • 12 months of aging
Wine aged for 12 months in French and American barrels. Made with Tinta de Toro grapes from more than 30-year-old vineyards.
Immerse yourself in their intense sweet-cherry colours and vermillion tinges, accompanied by the fragances of berries, spices and eucalyptus.
Fleshy, great wideness and mouth-filling. Proper balanced between fruit and wood.
Good development in the next 8 years.

Depth and mystery

Rosum Cepas Viejas

  • Tinta de Toro variety
  • 18 months of aging
Enjoy a glass of a private selection wine, made with Tinta de Toro grapes from more   than 15-year-old vineyards, and aged in French barrels for 18 months.
In this wine you can find strong and bright garnet-red shades, with great intensity in balsamic and mineral scents.
Balance of tannins with a sweet background, intense and lasting in mouth to finish a magnificent work.
Highly positive development in the next 10 years.

ROSUM is made in Toro DO (Zamora, Spain)

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